Is this cell phone manufacturer doing better now?

Will the next smartphone fail the Stiftung Warentest again? (Image source: Stiftung Warentest)

If the Stiftung Warentest lowers its thumb, then that is never a good sign for smartphone manufacturers. Now the Dutch producer Fairphone is setting out to iron out the old mistakes with a new model. Is it enough for more than just a “deficient” this time?

Fairphones are Sustainably and modularly manufactured cell phoneswhere classic criteria such as performance and design are actually only a minor matter. However, this did not prevent the Stiftung Warentest from giving the Fairphone 3 a “poor” rating. Now, with the Fairphone 4, a successor is on the way. The first details have surfaced at an online retailer.

Fairphone 4: 5G cell phone showed up at dealerships

The Fairphone 4 will be bigger than the predecessor (source: Nils Ahrensmeier). Here the display still had a diagonal of 5.63 inches, the Fairphone 4 is probably 6.3 inches. The screen is interrupted by a water drop notch behind which the selfie camera is hidden. There are three lenses on the back. The main camera will Photos up to 48 MP allow, no information is available about the other cameras.

With the Fairphone 4, customers have the choice between 128 GB and 256 GB when it comes to permanent storage. Both models have 6 GB of RAM available. It is not clear which processor the Dutch manufacturer has chosen. The price will be converted up to 590 euros specified. For comparison: The Fairphone 3 Plus came on the market for 469 euros.

What makes Fairphones so special? The answer is in the Video:

Fairphones: simply replace the battery

Fairphones have one easy to repair as well as a replaceable battery in the center. Modules such as the camera can be reordered and installed yourself. We also take care of the sustainable procurement of the required materials.

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