Is the smartwatch finally doing well?

The design of the Apple Watch seems immovable and has hardly been changed by Apple so far. Is 2021 the time to completely reinvent shape? One concept presents a possible future for the upcoming Apple Watch 7.

Often discussed, but the shape of the Apple Watch is rock solid – the screen is set in a rectangle, applies up to the current Apple Watch Series 6. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. The well-known British YouTube channel ZONEofTECH analyzes the feasibility of a round Apple Watch in a video and shows very attractive concept images of such a smartwatch.


Apple Watch 7: time for a round smartwatch?

Rumors about a round Apple Watch have always been and still are, sometimes more, sometimes less substantial. Even at the moment there is no real evidence of this, often all that’s left is wishful thinking. But this visualization of the thought knows how to please. So we can see the previous digital crown in the pictures – but now in the traditional place, namely in the middle of the case. However, there are also rumors that the Apple Watch could do without it in the future.


The concept undoubtedly picks up on Apple’s current design language – chic and reduced. A magnetic Milanese bracelet and various color options in black, gold and silver go with it. The completely wrong case-strap proportions are likely to shake their heads among traditional manufacturers. We also see a dial that presents familiar complications, but has now been adapted to the round shape.


ZONEofTECH also integrates older reports that Apple would like to install in the future Apple Watch 7 Touch ID, i.e. a fingerprint sensor. This would then be located directly below the display.

With Apple’s competition, round smartwatches are already part of the usual picture:

Prospects for implementation: our opinion

In the end, only Apple can currently know whether the Apple Watch 7 will be a well-rounded product in autumn 2021. Mind games about the smartwatch are always exciting, but always only a blurred look into the crystal ball. GIGA says: We remain skeptical, it wasn’t until 2020 that Apple proved the company’s conservative streak with the current iPhone SE. Even for the Apple Watch Series 7, a round shape is currently just wishful thinking. Ergo: We bet on the previous, traditional case of the Apple Smartwatch.

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