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Is the smart energy meter our lifesaver?

Smart Energy Meter In Kitchen Measuring Energy Efficiency With Figure In Background

Many households have a smart energy meter. Yet it appears that few households use the functions of this smart meter. It is useful to use your smart energy meter to limit your energy costs.

In this article you can read how a smart meter helps you keep your energy bill as low as possible.

What is a smart meter?

For example, if you have a smart meter in your home, you no longer have to take the meter reading yourself every year. The energy supplier and network operator can read your digital meter remotely. This happens once a year during the annual accounts that must be drawn up, every month (12 x in total per year) to give you an insight into your overview or when you are moving, for example.

Good to know: your smart meter is separate from your WiFi network. Instead of WiFi, GPRS or CDMA is used. You can compare this network with a kind of smartphone that is built in.

Handy for the future

As you may have read in the news, the prices for electricity and gas are unprecedentedly high. Many people worry about being able to pay their bills. Even so high that as of November 1, the energy bill will be reduced by the cabinet. A price ceiling will be introduced from 1 January.

One of the ways to use your smart meter is to set electricity to be used when supply and demand is most favourable. For example, run your washing machine if there is a lot of electricity in stock. You can also see live consumption using an app.

Look for the big power consumers

With the smart meter it is possible to view your consumption in a handy app. This app gives you insight into your largest energy consumers. This mainly concerns showering and heating. To save energy, it is recommended to take a colder shower or to purchase a water-saving shower head.

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