Is the phone immortal? Android 11 can also be included in the Samsung Galaxy S II

Some mobile phones are simply unforgettable, nostalgically buried in the heads and hearts of fans and even after years the focus of experimental developers. Among the smartphones that meet this characteristic is the old Samsung model Galaxy S II. Next year will be ten years since its launch, and for a Korean company it is, of course, history, but thanks to the care of a determined fan community, it is a symbol of sustainability. The current proof is the fact that Android 11.22 works on the Samsung Galaxy S II

The latest version of Android can be obtained in the historically second Galaxy mobile in the form of an unofficial extension LineageOS 18.1. Of course, the experiment has several limitations and not all functions of the mobile phone are tightened. The display, WiFi connection, cameras or sound work just fine. There is currently a problem with outgoing calls, GPS or FM radio. A group of XDA developers behind the unofficial LineageOS 18.1 port, however continue to develop. If you have a disused Samsung Galaxy S II at home, you can try Android 11 on it in this form. Needless to say, installation requires advanced root experience.

What was your first Samsung phone?

Source: XDA

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