is the new desktop powerful enough for you? (Video)

The iMac 2021 is a good choice for very people, but it might be wise to wait a little longer for the 27-inch variant. We explain exactly how this works in this video review of the iMac 2021.

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Video: Our 2021 iMac review

With its colorful design, new design and powerful M1 chip, the iMac 2021 heralds a new chapter for Apple’s desktop. The great speakers and improved front camera also exceed expectations.

We have extensively tested the new Apple desktop and in this video editor Lars talks about his experiences.

In short, the new iMac is an excellent Apple desktop that will last for years to come. For many people this is probably the best choice. But, the computer comes in only one size: 24 inches. According to rumors, Apple could announce the 27-inch version any time, which causes a bit of uncertainty.

Choices, choices, choices

We therefore advise you to check beforehand whether the new iMac is powerful enough for you. If you’re into video editing and other demanding tasks, it might be worth waiting a while to see what Apple has in store for the 27-inch iMac.

Isn’t this the case? Then you can buy the iMac 2021 with confidence. You finally enjoy a new design, the Apple-made M1 chip steals the show, the speakers are excellent and the front camera is made for video calling.

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Do you want to read everything again in peace? Check out our written review of the iMac 2021. Lars dives a little deeper into all parts. Do you want to buy the iMac 2021? Then compare the best offers from all online stores via our price comparator.

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