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is the best update for athletes (and this is about to change)

Good news for athletes with an Apple Watch, because in WatchOS 9 a lot will change. You will get these new functions with the new update!

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WatchOS 9: A lot will change for athletes

An Apple Watch is nice to use apps or to make calls. It only becomes really cool if you also use it during exercise. The Apple Watch has many functions that are made for use during exercise. For example, you can start different workouts, monitor your heart rate or track your daily activity.

New Features in WatchOS 9

All these features are good enough, you might think. But Apple doesn’t agree anymore, and WatchOS 9 comes with quite a few new features. WatchOS 9 therefore also seems to be the update for athletes.


Do you like to go for a run? Then WatchOS 9 has several extra functions in store for you. The Apple Watch can now track and add more data to your workout summary. Think, for example, of the data about your stride length and the ground contact time. You can also view all this data in the Condition app and Health app.

WatchOs 9 run

Do you often take the same route? Then you can also choose to run a race against the clock. Your Apple Watch then gives you interim notifications whether you should walk faster or slower. You can also choose to set a distance or time, and your Apple Watch will calculate how fast you need to walk to reach that goal.


Are you more into swimming? Then the update for Apple Watch also has some nice new gimmicks for you. WatchOS 9 can now automatically see if you’re swimming with a kickboard (or swimming board), which is useful for athletes who mainly train the legs.

In addition, your Apple Watch can also measure which stroke you make. The Apple Watch also gives you a “SWOLF” score. This score tells you the number of strokes plus the number of seconds it will take you to swim a lap. The SWOLF score is also shown in the overview.

Watchos 9 race route


Athletes like triathletes also get some new tricks in WatchOS 9. The Workout app has the option ‘Multisport’. This option automatically switches between swim, bike, and run workouts.

WhatchOS 9: Workout App Updates for Athletes

Also interesting are the general updates for the workout app. For example, you can now turn the Digital Crown to switch between different views. Furthermore, heart rate zones are automatically calculated based on your health data. Another new feature is the ‘Custom Work-outs’. This allows you to create a workout with built-in rest breaks.

Apple Watch SE

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