Is the 4-day week really problematic?

We all know it: We are so sure of something – and then it turns out completely differently. Depending on how loudly we trumpeted our point of view beforehand, it can get pretty embarrassing: Bill Gates himself dismissed the Internet as “hype” in 1995 and Steve Jobs was absolutely sure in 2003 that subscription models for buying music ” failed”.

Frank Thelen, whom many may still know from “The Lion’s Den”, also spoke very fully and clearly rejected the four-day week. Will he be right about that? If not, at least he’s in good company.

4-day week: Move over, Frank Thelen

Actually, the entrepreneur and investor Frank Thelen likes to present himself as future-oriented – innovation, he writes about himself, is “the center [seiner] DNA”. But when it comes to working hours and duration, things look very different. The world doesn’t work with a four-day week, he recently wrote on Linkedin, reducing working hours leads to a loss of prosperity for everyone. More than that, it needs a whole new work ethic and “People […]who sometimes stay longer in the office or prepare for the next week at the weekend”.

But Frank Thelen is wrong, and hugely so. This is also shown by the figures: over the last 150 years, working hours have been reduced by 60 percent – and prosperity has increased. Not in spite of this, but because of it, keyword automation. A technology fan like Thelen should know that.

It’s Prime Day again soon

Amazon will once again advertise with hefty discounts this year. But you shouldn’t expect too much: the price of current, high-demand goods usually doesn’t drop very much even on Prime Day. In addition, you should not only rely on the information provided by Amazon.

Historical analysis has shown that prices for certain items are sometimes increased before the shopping event. The subsequent price reduction appears higher than it actually is. It is therefore advisable to always take a look at the various price comparison portals on the web before making a purchase.

Apple versus the Swiss Fruit Association

The Swiss Fruit Association has been advertising with a stylized red apple with a white cross for around 100 years. A risk of confusion with the well-known logo of the iPhone manufacturer actually seems impossible – and yet the case in Switzerland is now occupying the courts. For the fruit association, it’s not just about a traditional brand logo, but also about a lot of money. If Apple were to be right, the association would have to invest a lot of money in a rebranding.

Alibaba’s Tmall is coming to Europe

China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba is pushing into Europe. The group plans to sell local branded products under its Tmall brand. So far, the group had mainly sold Chinese products to European customers via Aliexpress. With the focus on local branded goods, Alibaba would then also compete directly with e-commerce providers such as Amazon, Ebay, Otto, Zalando or About You.

It is currently unclear when exactly Tmall will also be launched in this country. The online store will initially be offered as part of a pilot project in Spain.

The Canva founder in a t3n interview

“I still don’t understand what Web3 is. I googled it, read about it and some people tried to explain it to me, but I still don’t really get it,” Cliff Obrecht confessed in an interview with t3n. The design platform’s co-founder and COO thinks the Metaverse and NFT are just distractions.

AI, on the other hand, brings about a fundamental technological change that Obrecht compares to mobile phones. You can read in our full interview on t3n how Obrecht wants to prevent the misuse of this technology on his platform and how he feels about copyright.

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