is iPhone Face ID too?

With many smartphones, facial recognition is easy to bypass by using a photo. Is the facial recognition of the iPhone safe?

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Bypass smartphone facial recognition with photo

Many smartphones today have some form of Face ID. Not only Apple has the option to unlock your smartphone with your face, you can also log in on devices with Android by holding your face in front of the selfie camera.

But according to the Consumers’ Association, there is a major problem. They say that more than 4 in 10 new smartphones are easy to fool by holding a physical photo in front of the selfie lens. Especially the cheap smartphones and the middle segment are susceptible to this hack. But what about the iPhone?

Is iPhone’s Face ID in danger?

In 26 of the 60 tested smartphones, it was possible to circumvent the security of the facial recognition on the device. These were devices from, among others, Honor, Nokia, Oneplus and Samsung.

Still, there is good news, because all tested iPhones failed to fool Face ID. This is because the iPhone’s facial recognition uses a special camera that can also recognize depth. This is the TrueDepth camera that was introduced with the iPhone X. Therefore, it is not possible to bypass Apple’s Face ID with a real photo and you do not have to worry on an iPhone.

Problem has existed for a long time

This problem is not new, because years ago there were smartphones that could bypass Face ID in this way. Back then, about forty percent could already be hacked.

The Consumers’ Association says they regret that facial recognition has not improved in all these years. They also believe that the weak facial recognition should not be offered at all, even with a warning

Knowing more? Read the entire message on the website of the Consumers’ Association.

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