is he right to go into the political arena?

As you may know, Samuel Étienne is not just the new face of Questions for a champion. Since January 2021, journalist and host decided to debut on Twitch, a platform dedicated to video game streaming particularly popular among the youngest. Via his broadcast The morning is yours, Samuel Étienne proceeds every morning to a press review devoted to the news of the day.

Against all expectations, the spectators answered present, pleasantly surprised by the good humor and the tone of the journalist. It is also very quickly nicknamed FCBienveillance by Internet users. Since the launch of his show, Samuel Étienne has brought together no less than 230,000 subscribers. According to the principal concerned, if this format is a hit with thirties and young people, it is for a simple and good reason.

A different desire to consume information

These young people are interested in the news, but the products and the form of the meetings that they are offered do not interest them […] We offer them a one-way news, we ask them to read a newspaper. It does not correspond at all to their way of functioning intellectually. When they ask themselves a question, they need to challenge. I think they want to consume information but that maybe we need to invent new forms ”, affirmed Samuel Étienne in an interview given to our colleagues of 20 minutes.

Proof of this is that the “young” streamer was a hit this Monday, March 8, 2021 with an exclusive interview on Twitch with François Hollande. The former President of the Republic had lent himself to the game of questions and answers. Here again, the viewers were there, with a peak of 84,000 spectators at the height of the event. In total, the interview was viewed over 620,000 times. Moreover, François Hollande caused a sensation by sending a small well-placed punchline to the YouTubers Mcfly and Carlito. As a reminder, the videographers were tasked by President Emmanuel Macron to produce a video on barrier gestures.

It is better to make barrier gestures, including in relation to the song“, Had fun the former president, who visibly shares our opinion on the subject. Building on this success, Samuel Étienne will once again invite a leading politician this Sunday, March 14, 2021. Indeed, Prime Minister Jean Castex will be ” your guest on Sunday at 6 p.m. ”, recently announced Samuel Étienne on Twitter.

I am not going to invite 1000 people on my channel, but I believe that it can be interesting to create a space for direct dialogue between citizens and certain personalities ”, specifies the journalist. And what do you think of Samuel Étienne’s initiative to bring politics to Twitch? Do you think this is a good way to reach a younger audience that is reluctant to get information through more traditional media? Give us your opinion in the comments.

Source: 20 minutes

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