Is a cheap durable smartphone really durable?

There are many users who need a rugged smartphone. Models with higher durability are better at falling, but they also offer other important parameters. They are waterproof, suitable for dusty environments and are often prepared for demanding temperature conditions. Whether it’s extreme winter or heat, even the quick transitions between them. Conventional smartphones are not built for such treatment.

A good cover and glass can be a good alternative

If you are thinking about a durable model just because of fears of falling, we would prefer a cheaper and better equipped smartphone and a proper quality cover with protective glass. If you break the cover or glass, you can replace them very easily, leaving the smartphone intact.

Durable models will survive falls to the ground, but you will not be able to avoid scratches, splinters from the body or other visual defects. If you need a durable model in the lobby, be careful which one you choose. The ccsinsight information indicates that quality may vary significantly.

CAT S42 | Photo: Editorial staff

At the same time, it encounters manufacturers of cheaper equipment from unknown brands, which do not reach the quality of more proven manufacturers. For example, CAT, which is famous for making rugged smartphones, works with Bullitt. She has many years of experience in this field. The new Motorola Defy was also developed in collaboration with Bullitt.

Like the more expensive rugged smartphones, the cheaper ones offer increased water resistance with IP certification as well as MIL-STD-810 endurance certification. However, given the final price of the equipment, somewhere the pre-salted compromises had to be made.

It is not USB as USB

The first problem may be the USB port. While more expensive models have a waterproof and USB connector inside (double protection), they rely cheaper mostly on a rubber plug on the outside. If the user forgets to close it, the phone may not survive in contact with water. The same goes for the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Better sealing of hardware buttons

The same situation occurs when looking at the hardware buttons. While the manufacturer of more expensive devices also thought about sealing these elements, cheaper models have larger gaps between the buttons and the construction, which make it easier for water to penetrate inside. They rely only on the inner seal.

Adhesive quality may vary

For example, CAT S42 contains a strong foam adhesive that is applied evenly around the perimeter. The seal is so strong, high quality and even. Cheap Chinese models have the body sealed with either a lower quality adhesive, or the adhesive is used only to seal sensitive parts, not the entire device.

Pieces of residual glue have been found on some internal components of low-cost models. For this reason, it is possible that recycled components were used to reduce the selling price. This applies, for example, to memory chips. Ultimately, this may not be a bad choice as long as these chips work smoothly. This is the reason why we often see a cheap durable smartphone with significantly more storage than a more expensive model from a proven manufacturer.

Are cheap durable models really durable? They are

In this comparison, cheap smartphones did not stand up, but if we were to compare their resilience with conventional smartphones, we would see a real difference. These models meet the standards, so they have definitely been tested, which will certainly guarantee a higher degree of durability. Although they are losing out to more expensive, proven manufacturers, they can still be a good alternative to them. It is up to the end customer to prefer better durability or a lower price.

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