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Is 5G vulnerable to hackers?

Despite what Facebook says about your cousin who has been on sick leave since they installed a Linky meter, 5G does not spread viruses and will not melt your brain. On the other hand, a report from Positive Technologies, a company specializing in cybersecurity, points to structural problems that could facilitate data hacking …

5G has barely arrived in France when the problems are already starting. We are not talking about the intellectuals trying to burn the airwaves, but about a much more real problem. The cybersecurity company Positive Technologies has just published a report showing some weaknesses in the structure of the new generation wireless network.

At first, it is a problem in the superposition of the network layers between 4G and 5G. Indeed, operators have the choice between offering a 5G based on the 4G network or a “standalone” 5G: a 5G which relies on its own network. As we are still in the early days of 5G, operators are relying on the first solution before switching to the second as 5G takes hold.

Structural problems in 5G

However, according to Positive Technologies, there are problems with this 5G based on the 4G network at the Diameter and GTP protocols. But standalone 5G is not spared either since vulnerabilities in the HTTP / 2 and PFCP protocols used by these 5G networks would allow hackers to steal customer profile data, usurp their identity and falsify the authentication of users. subscribers.

These flaws are structural, but nothing prevents operators from changing the situation on their side by putting in place countermeasures on their own network such as firewalls for example. And Dmitry Kurbatov, director at Positive Technologies added: “With such a variety of attack surfaces, a robust core network security architecture is by far the most secure way to protect users.” Here they are warned …

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Source: MSSP Alert

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