Iron Conflict’s war strategy brings both historical and modern -apkrig technology

Iron Conflict’s real-time strategy has entered Steam’s preliminary approach program. It is an online competitive game that combines modern and historical technology and promises hundreds of different units. You put together your own group of three groups of units, with up to 10 people fighting on each side of the conflict. Communication and teamwork are therefore key if you want to win in such encounters.

The authors do not even rule out the possibility that they could add a single-player campaign and tools for creating mods

You have a choice of equipment from the Second World War to the present. You can tailor each of them to your image. You will go to the battlefield in the deserts, in the cities and in the mountains. You can control the game from a traditional command perspective, or grab some of the units directly. You fight on the ground and in the air. However, you would look in vain for ships and submarines in the game. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 from Epic, while the studio attracts amazing graphics, which probably won’t take your breath away on their own.

The title should spend at least 12 months in early access, but the authors already point out that it can be even longer. The full version is supposed to offer more units, more game modes, and the authors don’t even rule out that they could add a single-player campaign and tools for creating mods. Now the game contains two playable sides, more than a dozen categories of units, basic modes and maps.

The developers plan to gradually increase the price of the game. At the moment, Iron Conflict is selling for about 11 euros. Currently, the rating of the game on Steam is around a decent 70 percent. Despite the fact that it is not a free-to-play title, it nevertheless contains some elements of this model and you have to reckon with the fact that you will encounter micro-transitions in the game. The game is only available for Windows.

Iron Conflict comes from China and is the fault of the independent studio Angela Game. It was founded in 2019 in Suzhou and, in addition to Iron Conflict, also makes the multiplayer sandbox Myth of Empires. However, he is just getting ready for early access.

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