iPhoned chooses the 7 best Apple Arcade games 2020

iPhoned looks back to Apple Arcade in 2020, with the seven best Apple Arcade games released this year.

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The best Apple Arcade games 2020

Apple Arcade had a strong start in 2019. Apple immediately had a slew of games available that you could all play without in-app purchases and ads. The quality was impressive. In our Apple Arcade review we wrote: “If you like to play games on your smartphone, then you simply cannot miss Apple Arcade. The games are too good and playing without in-app purchases and ads is a relief. ”

Then we wrote in our review that Apple Arcade is only interesting in the long term, if Apple regularly adds high-quality new games. Eight months later we had to conclude in our review update that this was a disappointment.

If you follow our monthly lists of the best iOS games, you may have noticed the period since then. More and more Apple Arcade games appeared in those lists. Although the frequency of new games has hardly changed, you can expect three to four new games every month and more and more there are real toppers among them.

1. The Last Campfire

Of all the Apple Arcade games we’ve played in the past year (and we’ve played them all), we look back to The Last Campfire with warmest feelings. The makers of the gigantic game No Man’s Sky have shown with The Last Campfire that they can also make something beautiful with something small.

You play as a creature in a strange world, where he has to escape. You do this by solving puzzles, both in the environment and more traditional flat puzzles. What follows is a beautiful adventure that manages to maintain the balance between endearing and challenging.

The Last Campfire is not a complex game and can even feel a bit simple. If you are looking for a tough challenge, you have to go elsewhere. But the game is warm, smart and memorable. A game to settle in like a warm blanket and just enjoy it.

The Last Campfire

Hello Games

2. Creaks

Gamemaker Amanita Design is the king of the interesting, small worlds. This is no different with puzzle platformer Creaks. The world you discover is hidden under your house. To progress, you must avoid dangers and solve puzzles.

You will encounter enemies, but you have no weapons to attack them. With your cleverness (and some lights) you can make sure you don’t fall victim. With Amanita’s indispensable drawing style and particularly clever puzzles, this is a game that grabs you. Creaks is constantly stimulating to continue.



Amanita Design sro

3. Reigns Beyond

When the game Reigns combined swiping Tinder with Game of Thrones, it turned out to be a top concept. Now we are a few games further and the idea is still a recipe for hours of fun. This time in a completely new setting, where you have to survive in a spaceship with your crew.

Swipe decisions left or right and try to get as far as possible. It is also funny that your crew is a band and you also have to play a guitar in a mini game every now and then.

Reigns: Beyond

4. South of the Circle

You play South of the Circle for the excellent story and writing. You control a character who goes looking for help after a plane crash in cold Antarctica, but in the meantime you also experience his memories around his great love. In terms of gameplay, the game is not much, but you don’t play this for that. You play this to be completely carried away for a few hours.

South of the Circle

South of the Circle

State of Play Games

5. Crossy Road Castle

The Crossy Road figures have been successfully transferred to a completely different game. With a lot of different levels, colorful design and nice gameplay that will keep you coming back, this is one of the best Apple Arcade games of the year. The multiplayer in particular is very chaotic and hilarious.

Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road Castle


6. A Monster’s Expedition

A Monster’s Expedition is a puzzle game with a simple idea: you have to push the tree trunk towards the water to get to the other side. But the game knows how to challenge you constantly, because you have to look at the puzzles in a different way. Super handy is that if you don’t remember, you just go the other way. The game also has a wonderfully cheerful style and fun humor.

A Monster's Expedition

A Monster’s Expedition

Draknek Limited

7. A Fold Apart

Two lovers will try to maintain their relationship from a distance, but it is more difficult than they think. This story is told through puzzles, in which you must fold the world to bring the pair back together.

A Fold Apart thus offers smart puzzles and a beautiful story, which are inextricably linked. A great detail is that players choose at the start which genders the two lovers have. That makes this game extra personal.

A Fold Apart

A Fold Apart

Lightning Rod Games Inc.

More games

We will also keep a close eye on Apple Arcade in 2021. Check out our monthly game lists for tips, and also read our overview of the 20 best Apple Arcade games you can play right now. Also take a look at the overview with the best iOS games of 2020.

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