iPhone users are more likely to get rid of their smartphones, and that’s good news

iPhone users are more likely to get rid of their smartphones. That’s not bad news, read why not here.

The iPhone 13 is coming. Ahead of the launch, a new study suggests the iPhone will be traded in at a higher rate than Android smartphones. The research shows that almost a third of the Apple trade-in goes to the purchase of an upgrade.

iPhone users are getting rid of their smartphones

That’s not because they don’t like the smartphone. But because they would like to have the latest version. It turns out that the Apple device still makes quite a bit of money if you trade it in. According to the survey conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), more than 35% of iPhone owners who bought a new or used device in the 12-month period ending in June sold or traded in their old model. About 30% traded in iPhones, while just over 5% sold the device.

And this compared to its biggest competitor: About 5% of Android owners who got rid of their smartphone hardware during the same period sold the device. While just over 10% traded it in.

Good deal

iPhones are and remain very popular and retain their value. In addition, Apple’s ‘trade-in program’ is successful. Upgrades for iPhone are powered in part by Apple’s popular iPhone Upgrade Program. It allows customers to receive a new iPhone every year for a monthly fee. Partly because of this, iPhone users are getting rid of their ‘old’ smartphone.

It is remarkable that almost half of the Android users simply keep their smartphones. This while only 29% of iPhone owners surveyed claim the same. The survey category indicates that Android users are holding their handset for ‘future use’. But owners may conclude that it’s not worth trading in or selling old hardware. CIRP does not provide statistics on devices that are simply left behind or thrown away. The research firm surveyed 2,000 American smartphone users for the report.

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