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iPhone: the 5G is not for now

Many smartphones are expected for their accounting with this famous 5G This will not be the case for Apple and its iPhone.In fact, for the firm at the apple, it will be necessary to wait until the school year 2020.

iPhone: The 4G is not so bad

This is not the first time that the problem occurs for Apple since the firm had already had the same concern with the 4G . Apple does not want to get into 5G just to be in the market for this new technology. Indeed, she prefers to settle some small plausible problems such as the wobbly reception and the high consumption that the 5G can cause to the battery. The first 5G compatible phone is an Android device, and this is the Moto Z3 . With a 5G network not yet completed, the brand will launch at the same time its hull 5G Moto Mod. All fires seem to be green so that Apple can be grilled on the finish line, unless Apple voluntarily awaits the arrival of the 5G in order to be able to benefit from a fully implemented network. in place and functional

That’s why Apple says it wants to be “the best and not the first” . The 5G will not arrive before 2020 in France but also in other European countries . It’s in the United States that 5G will come first. The Mobile World Congress will be a perfect pretext for presenting the first compatible 5G smartphones . It will therefore wait another two years for fans of Apple before seeing their favorite firm to put the 5G. Will they wait until 2020 or will they cross the fence to see what’s going on in Android.

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