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iPhone saved from the waters: it was still ringing after three days in the river!

The iPhone “saved from the waters” has almost become a seasonal chestnut tree. Only a few days after the recovery – via a magnet – of an iPhone lost at the bottom of a canal in Berlin, it is the turn of a certain Tom Adams to be the lucky one of the day. On June 12, this American had dropped his iPhone on the 12th as well as his keys and other personal effects at the bottom of the Snake River in Idaho. On June 15, a team of specialists (The Bingham County Search and Rescue Dive Team) reassembled the precious, the keys and the papers in barely twenty minutes.

The most beautiful in history? The iPhone was still working, after spending three days three meters deep at the bottom of a muddy river. Tom Adams further specifies that his iPhone triggered the preprogrammed alarm without even having been recharged after swimming. Legend even has it that Tom’s iPhone rang underwater for three days, but we don’t have to believe it …

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