iPhone comes with a blast of a feature


According to various reports, the iPhone is coming with a stunner of a feature in a few years. Read here which and why it is so interesting.

It seems that Apple is introducing a new camera system for an upcoming iPhone: the periscope lens. This was already predicted by TFI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, but now another analyst has confirmed the same information. Then there seems to be a grain of truth in it.

iPhone stunner function

Such a periscope camera would be really cool. We shoot more and more with our smartphones and this is an innovative step for the brand. No, a periscope camera does not mean that the camera comes out of the smartphone like a submarine. This means that a series of mirrors and lenses are used to increase the range of a telephoto lens. So we can zoom in much better, with a higher quality.

Still, we’ll have to wait a little longer, it looks like we can expect this in the fall of next year. A new report from analyst Jeff Pu, spotted by Joe Rossignol at MacRumors, claims there will be a periscope camera system in an iPhone, but not until 2023.


Physics means that in order to have a camera with the focal length needed to achieve a telephoto effect, you need a certain distance between the lens and the sensor. So either you have a really fat phone (we don’t want that), or you have a periscope camera. This is where an angled mirror reflects light 90 degrees, so it travels inside the phone’s body until it reaches the sensor that sits vertically on the inside. It’s a smart system that keeps a phone nice and slim, without limiting the zoom so much.

While the iPhone 13’s telephoto lens has a focal length equivalent to 2x that of the wide-angle lens, and the iPhone 13 Pro has an equivalent of 3x zoom, a periscope could go much further, perhaps the equivalent of a 10x zoom.

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