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‘iPhone 16 Pro gets Face ID under screen’ – but not as you think

It will be a while before the iPhone 16 Pro is released, but there is already a reliable rumor: the phone may have an invisible Face ID camera under the screen. We explain how this works and why it is striking.

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iPhone 16: Face ID camera under the screen

The iPhone 15 has yet to be released, but the first rumors about the iPhone 16 are already appearing. According to the latest predictions, the iPhone 16 Pro has a Face ID camera hidden under the screen. By incorporating the camera into the screen, it is no longer visible on the iPhone.

According to The Elec the camera will be invisible when not in use. Whether that means that the camera is visible when you unlock the phone is still unclear. In any case, Apple seems to be taking the first steps to make the notch and the Dynamic Island at the top of the screen disappear.

Only the iPhone 16 Pro gets the new camera

Reportedly, only the iPhone 16 Pro will get the hidden TrueDepth camera. This fits the theory that all iPhone 15 models will be equipped with the Dynamic Island this year. The ‘normal’ iPhone 16 will also have the Dynamic Island.

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The iPhone 15 Pro will not get a new Face ID camera, because Apple has not yet finished developing the technology needed to place a camera under the screen. This may be related to the release of the new Apple Reality later this year, which means that other Apple devices are currently receiving fewer major updates.

Front camera does not disappear under the screen at first

Remarkable, by the way: this rumor only revolves around the camera that Face ID needs to unlock your device. The regular front camera will still be visible on the screen. Whether that will be a Dynamic Island, a mini snack from the screen or something completely different, that is not yet known.

If we continue the line of this theory, all iPhone 17 models will get the new invisible Face ID camera. With the iPhone 18 Pro, another camera will disappear under the screen, namely the front camera. This camera is then also invisible under the screen, making the Dynamic Island superfluous.

The iPhone 18 Pro is therefore probably the first iPhone without notches in the screen or a Dynamic Island. The cameras have then completely disappeared from the screen. However, this will not happen until 2026 at the earliest.

All the rumors about the iPhone 15 (Ultra)

It will of course be a while before the iPhone 16, 17 or 18 are released, but there are at least enough rumors about the iPhone 15. For example, it is expected that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will disappear and that it will be replaced by the iPhone 15 Ultra.

In addition, the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) will most likely get the new faster A17 chip. Curious about all the iPhone 15 rumours? Read all the rumors about the iPhone 15 here and read everything we know about the iPhone 15 Ultra here.

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