iPhone 14 Pro extra affordable during the Vodafone Runners (ADV)

You can now buy the iPhone 14 Pro extra cheaply at Vodafone Runners! From 26 June to 13 August you will receive an extra high discount!

This is what the iPhone 14 Pro has to offer

The iPhone 14 Pro has the best iPhone camera ever, is a lot faster than its predecessor and also no longer has a notch, but a Dynamic Island. The screen supports always-on, so you can always read important information – even when the device is in sleep mode. Think of the time, date and relevant widgets.

A full battery of the iPhone 14 Pro is good for up to 23 hours of video playback, or 75 hours of audio playback. Charging is done with a maximum of 20 watts, so that the battery is already half full in about 30 minutes. The iPhone 14 Pro is available in the colors Deep Purple, Gold, Silver and Space Black. Deep purple is new and replaces the blue version.

Substantial discount at Vodafone Runners

You can now buy the iPhone 14 Pro temporarily at the Vodafone Runners with a device discount of up to € 323! You will receive an additional € 3 discount per month if you take out a 2-year Red subscription (€ 72 in total). Do you already have Ziggo at home? That is an additional discount of € 5 per month (ie € 120). Finally, you temporarily do not pay any connection costs. Again 25 euros that you can keep in your pocket.

In short, you can get a huge discount during the Vodafone Runners. In total you can go up to € 540 euros to spare! That is almost half of what you pay for a separate iPhone 14 Pro!

iPhone 14 Pro in a nutshell

We briefly summarize the highlights of the iPhone 14 Pro. These are the features that distinguish the Pro from the regular 14 and older iPhones.

  • Dynamic Island: This notch replacement adapts to what you do with your iPhone. If someone calls you, the Dynamic Island will display a message. With a timer, you can see the time counting down here. And while charging, the Dynamic Island shows your current battery percentage.
  • Best iPhone camera ever: The iPhone 14 Pro has no fewer than three cameras, including a 48-megapixel main camera. Previous Pro models had ‘only’ a 12 megapixel camera. More megapixels means – in short – that the photo contains more details. You can zoom in further before the image becomes blurry.
  • A16 Bionic chip: the difference between the ‘normal’ and Pro iPhones is greater than ever with the iPhone 14, because only the Pro models run on the new A16 Bionic chip. The ‘normal’ iPhone 14 (Plus) has the same chip as its predecessor: the A15.

Save up to 540 euros with a subscription

At Vodafone Runners you temporarily only pay € 1,056 for the device costs of the iPhone 14 Pro. So that’s one savings of no less than €540. If you buy an iPhone 14 Pro, you will of course also need a subscription. Vodafone has long been known for its Red bundles, where you can choose from three different versions:

Combination advantage with Ziggo

In addition to an excellent network, you get free 5G with every Red subscription. You also enjoy a combination benefit if you have internet from Ziggo at home. That benefit can amount to € 7.50 per month. In addition, you get twice as many MBs in your data bundle, the Safe Online XL package is included for free, as well as an extra TV package of your choice.

Much more advantage on other iPhones

Let’s put it all together again. From 26 June to 13 August you will receive an extra high discount on the iPhone 14 Pro at Vodafone Runners. That exists of:

  • Up to € 323 device discount
  • € 3 discount per month on a Red subscription (€ 72 with a 2-year subscription)
  • € 5 discount per month if you have Ziggo (€ 120)
  • No connection costs (€25)
  • The total discount can therefore amount to €540.

Is the iPhone 14 Pro not what you’re looking for? Then Vodafone also has many other offers. We’ll show you some of them:

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