iPhone 14 gets best battery life in an iPhone ever

Did you think the battery life of the iPhone 13 was good (see our review)? Well, the iPhone 14’s will probably get even better. That’s because of a new chip. iPhoned tells you all about it.

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iPhone 14 battery life gets better with new chip

Not long ago, the news came out that the design of the iPhone 14 is already ready and Apple has already started the trial production. It is therefore not surprising that more is already known about the parts that Apple wants to use in the latest iPhone. And one new chip indicates that the battery life of the iPhone 14 will be much better.

The biggest power guzzler in the current iPhone 13 remains the 5G modem with which your phone connects to the internet. Until now, the chips for the modem came from Samsung, but with the 14 Apple switches to a 5G modem from TSMC. In an article, TSMC explains the advantages of its chip with the so-called N6RF technology.

The benefits of the new 5G chip

The new modem chip will remedy the drawbacks that the first generation of 5G modems had. Compared to the 4G modems, these were significantly larger and also required more energy. No surprise, because they also have to handle a lot more data and frequency.

TSMC’s new modem is about a third smaller than its predecessor, and uses two-thirds less energy. The mere fact that the modem becomes smaller will contribute to a longer battery life. Because Apple can of course use the space for a larger battery. And even if Apple doesn’t use the space for the battery: because the chip uses energy more efficiently, the iPhone 14 will last longer on a battery charge.

It could even be that the energy-saving measures surrounding 5G on the iPhone can disappear. iOS determines independently when it uses the 5G connection and when it uses 4G.

And even more new features

Incidentally, the chip does not only have advantages for the mobile connection. According to TSMC, the modem also goes into Wifi 6E, a minor update to the existing Wifi 6. The first routers for this are now also available in the Netherlands.

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