iPhone 13 is much more valuable than iPhone 12 and iPhone 11

iPhones are known for being very stable in value, much more so than Android devices. But the iPhone 13 beats everything, according to a study. After two months, the iPhone 13 has lost almost 50 percent less value than the iPhone 12.

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iPhone 13 much more valuable

SellCell looked at the data of more than 45 US companies with a trade-in service for iPhones. This gives a good indication of the depreciation. The numbers of the iPhone 13 series were compared with those of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

The research shows that after two months of launch, the iPhone 13 retains its value much better than previous iPhones. The iPhone 13 models were depreciated by an average of 25.5 percent. In comparison, the iPhone 11 series lost 44.6 percent of its value after two months. With the iPhone 12, that was 41 percent.

Source: SellCell

It is striking that with the iPhone 13 there is hardly any difference between the depreciation after the first and second month. After the first month the depreciation was 24.9 percent, after two months only slightly more: 25.25 percent. On some iPhone 13 Pro models, the value even increased slightly during this period, as you can see in the chart above.


The fact that the iPhone 13 is so stable in value has everything to do with the worldwide chip shortage. Limited stock makes it harder to get an iPhone 13, especially with the Pro models. This keeps the prices high and that also affects the trade-in value of an iPhone.

The iPhone 13 prices will therefore remain high for the time being, both in terms of the new price and a refurbished iPhone. The difference with its predecessor is small, which means that the iPhone 12 is still a popular device. Especially now that there are interesting Black Friday deals for the iPhone 12.

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