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iPhone 10GB plan at a bargain price

Do you want a new iPhone with a cheap cell phone tariff? Then you shouldn’t miss this current offer from Blau. There you can get the iPhone 11 with a 10 GB tariff for just under 29 euros per month. We have calculated all the costs and revealed why the Apple bundle is worthwhile.

Apple cracker: iPhone 11 with 10 GB tariff in the o2 network

If you don’t always need the latest smartphone and you would like to call an iPhone your own, then Blau has just the right offer for you. The iPhone 11 is available with 64 GB of storage space including the “Blau Allnet XL” tariff at a particularly affordable price: For 28.99 euros per month you get an all-network/SMS flat rate in addition to your mobile phone 10GB Data allowance (see offer on blue). The one-time costs are only 5.99 euros (additional payment plus shipping), there is no connection fee.

Tariff details at a glance:

  • Tariff: Blue Allnet XL
  • Network: o2
  • 10GB LTE data volume (max. 25 MBit/s)
  • Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • EU roaming included
  • 24 months minimum term, 1 month notice period

Apple bundle at Blau: That’s why the offer is worth it

The costs of the tariff bundle at a glance
Basic charge
(per month)
28.99 euros
additional payment
(once, at the beginning of the contract)
1 €
connection fee
(once, at the beginning of the contract)
0 euros
4.99 euros
Total cost after 24 months
(in the event of termination at the end of the minimum contract period,
monthly and one-off costs added)
701.75 euros
device values
(current online best price according to
499 euros
effective cost tariff
(total costs less device value)
202.75 euros
Effective cost tariff per month 8.45 euros
To the offer at Blue

That Apple iPhone 11 64GB According to the idealo price comparison, it currently costs at least 499 euros (including shipping). If you subtract this value from the total costs over a minimum term of 24 months, 202.75 euros remain for the tariff. Corresponding 8.45 euros per month – a very low price for an Allnet/SMS flat rate with 10 GB of data and a premium smartphone. If the data volume is not enough for you, you get the Allnet-Plus tariff for Monthly 2 euros more 5 GB on top.

The calculation with the low price only works if you cancel at the end of the minimum contract period. If you should forget this, the contract will not be extended by another year, but can be canceled monthly.

What does the Apple iPhone 11 offer you?

Although the iPhone 11 is no longer the latest cell phone model from Apple, it is still a high-end device that impresses with a powerful processor, a very good camera, a bright and high-contrast display and a long battery life. At GIGA you will also find a detailed test of the iPhone 11.

You can see what the iPhone 11 is capable of in our hands-on video:

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