‘iPad Pro with OLED screen will not appear in 2021’

Will Apple switch to iPad Pro models with OLED screen in 2021? Rumors go back and forth. After research by Barclays analysts, the transition to OLED seems to take another year.

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‘iPad Pro with OLED screen will not appear in 2021’

After reports of from The Elec it seemed clear: 2021 is the year of the iPad Pro with OLED screen. The British bank’s Apple analysts Barclays contradict this rumor and sketch a completely different schedule. At the earliest, the iPad Pro with OLED screen will appear in 2022.

The schedule that Barclays shares sounds a lot more reasonable than the timeline that The Elec previously published. Many rumors indicate that Apple will release at least one iPad Pro model with mini LED in the first half of 2021. A switch to a different screen in the same year seems very unlikely.

In any case, it now seems that Apple is switching between two different screens in a short time: from mini-LED in 2021 to OLED in 2022. Although the planning of Barclays is somewhat broader and therefore more realistic, the rapid switch from mini led to oled striking. Our prediction? The last word has not yet been said on this.

Apple and the transition to OLED

Apple already uses OLED screens for all Apple Watch models and all iPhone devices from the iPhone X. The application of OLED has its advantages. Compared to LCD, OLED has a higher brightness, improves contrast, increased energy efficiency and a wider viewing angle.

iPad Pro with OLED screen not in 2021

There are some downsides here and there too. This creates the risk of burn-in with OLED. Burn-in occurs when an OLED screen ‘remembers’ a static image, which then shines through in other images. When this shine through is permanent, it is called burn-in.

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