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‘iPad Pro and MacBook Air won’t get OLED screens until 2024’

Apple plans to equip the MacBook Air and iPad Pro with OLED screens in 2024. Until then, the manufacturer will stick to LCD and mini LED screens.

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OLED screens for future MacBook Air and iPad Pro

The iPhone and the Apple Watch are currently Apple’s only products with an OLED screen, but that will change in 2024. So says Ross Young, a well-known Apple analyst who is regularly right. According to him, both the iPad Pro and the MacBook Air will receive a brand new OLED screen in about two years.

The current MacBook Pro 2021 and iPad Pro 2021 both have a mini LED screen. Mini-LED is better than OLED in a number of ways. For example, mini LED screens become brighter and do not suffer from burn-in problems. OLED screens, however, still have a wider color reproduction and deeper black values. So the technology still offers the best viewing experience.

Thanks to a new building structure, Apple can make its OLED screens brighter and more durable in the future. The energy consumption of the screens is also reduced by no less than thirty percent. Good for the display and the battery life, so. Young also reports that Apple’s ProMotion technology is also present again. This is a variable refresh rate of a maximum of 120Hz and a minimum of 10Hz per second.

No more LCD screens

Although OLED screens will play a greater role in the future, Apple is not dropping its mini LED screens yet. Young says the manufacturer is still investing heavily in the technology. However, it seems to have come to an end for ‘standard’ LCD screens, which we still find in, for example, the iPad mini 2021 and the iPad Air 2022. Although these screens still look beautiful, they are significantly less good than, for example, the screen of the iPhone 13 Pro. It will take some time before Apple has fully made this switch.

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