iPad Pro 2022 can charge wirelessly with MagSafe

The upcoming iPad Pro 2022 may be able to charge wirelessly. Apple would like to make the logo on the back of the tablet larger, so that a MagSafe charger fits on it.

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‘Wireless charging possible on iPad Pro 2022’

You can put your iPhone on a wireless charger for years, but the iPad still cannot do without a cable. That may change this year. According to 9to5Mac the iPad Pro 2022 will receive wireless charging support. The Apple logo on the back would be bigger and glass so you can clip a MagSafe magnetic charger onto it.

Because iPads are heavier than iPhones, the tablet will probably get stronger magnets. This should prevent the MagSafe puck from coming loose. The charging speed is said to be faster than with the iPhone. You can probably also use a normal wireless Qi charger with the iPad Pro 2022.

Earlier rumors said that the next iPad Pro would have an all-glass back. Apple seems to be refusing to do that. According to 9to5Mac, the company is concerned about the sturdiness of such a tablet. Except for the glass logo, the next iPad Pro would simply be made of aluminum again.

Everything you need to know about the iPad Pro 2022

Apple is likely to release two variants of the new iPad Pro: a 12.9-inch model and a smaller 11-inch variant. The latter may have a mini LED screen, just like its bigger brother. This ensures a higher contrast and better black values. In addition, the tablets probably run on the M2 chip that we also expect in the MacBook Air 2022. They would also get a bigger battery.

It is not yet clear when Apple will announce the iPad Pro 2022. That could be this spring, but also in the fall.

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