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iOS 17 vs Android 14: what’s new at Apple?

Last month was the WWDC 2023, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The opportunity for the brand to present its latest innovations through keynotes. This year, the Cupertino company has put forward a new version for its operating system, with iOS 17, as well as its tablet equivalent, iPad OS 17.
When is iOS 17 coming out?

Apple made iOS 17 development official at WWDC 2023, in the opening keynote. A rather classic announcement, which launched the beta developer phase for the operating system. Its final version, general public, should appear at the beginning of the fall, probably a little after the opening of pre-orders for the future iPhone 15.

Which iPhone will not have iOS 17?

As usual, the appearance of a new operating system at Apple means that part of the iPhone will become obsolete. This time around, it’s models prior to the iPhone 12 that won’t get a full update to the latest version of iOS. However, the update can be partially installed on devices released between 2018 and 2020.


How to get iOS 17 update?

For now, iOS 17 has entered the developer testing phase. A status that it kept in June and which should be completed in July 2023. In the coming days, therefore, Apple should announce the first public version, also called iOS 17 Public Beta 1. August, a first stable version of the system will no doubt be released, before the arrival of the final version in September or October 2023.

What’s new for iOS 17?

The rumor announced an update mainly oriented around the technical optimization of the iPhone. It seems that this is confirmed, even if some new features are announced for iOS 17. We thus find among the new features:

  • Personalization of your call profile, displayed on the caller’s screen.
  • The setting up of a Live Voicemail, a voice mailbox which writes the message left by your correspondent live.
  • Apple’s messaging will benefit from a major improvement, but without integration, for the time being, of the RCS (Rich Communication Services) protocol.
  • The addition of a voicemail for missed calls in FaceTime.
  • Widgets will become interactive.

Well, overall, iOS 17 is mostly going to be a so-called QoL update, for Quality of Life. As with Android, the operating system has undoubtedly reached its maximum maturity in terms of functionality, leaving teams only aesthetic and technical work for new versions of their OS.

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