iOS 17 tells you what’s wrong when a light is on in your car

Your iPhone becomes even more convenient with iOS 17, because your phone will soon tell you what’s wrong with your car based on a photo! Handy if you’re standing along the road with lights on and unsure whether you can still drive to the garage. That is how it works.

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Visual search gets better in iOS 17

A hugely useful feature in iOS 16 is the visual search for certain objects in Photos. With the search function it is possible to quickly find places of interest, works of art, plants, pets and much more in your photo library. If you enter a search term in Visual Search, your iPhone scans all images and brings up the photos that match the search.

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Visual search gets a handy function in iOS 17, because the function will also tell you what is wrong with your car based on a photo. For example, with Visual Lookup you never have to guess why your car makes a certain sound, because your iPhone helps you figure out the defect. We explain how the new function works.

iOS 17 recognizes symbols from the dashboard

In iOS 16, it was already possible to recognize certain symbols and characters with Visual Lookup. This function will be a lot more extensive in iOS 17, because your iPhone will also recognize the symbols that appear on your dashboard. To find out what all the different symbols mean, all you have to do is take a picture of your dashboard. Your iPhone will then explain the icons.

A very cool feature, so with Visual Lookup in iOS 17 you never have to doubt why certain symbols light up in your car. If you’ve taken a picture of the icons, Visual Lookup will tell you more about the meaning behind the symbols via Safari. You can see that description by tapping the information button next to the photo in the photo library. You must be connected to the internet.

visual search iOS 17

Function not (yet) available in Dutch

Recognizing defects in your car is not the only extension that Visual Search will receive in iOS 17. With the function, it will soon be possible to find a similar dish to the meal in a photo. In addition, the search function will be extended to videos, so you will soon be able to look up objects that appear in a video.

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The big disadvantage: Visual search in iOS is unfortunately not yet available in Dutch. Do you still want to use the function? Then you need to set the default language of your iPhone to English. You do this at ‘Settings > General > Language and Region’. There you set the iPhone language to ‘English’ and the Region to ‘United States’. After changing these settings, you must manually restart the iPhone once.

Once you have completed these steps, you can also use the function in the Netherlands. You will of course receive all information in English. It is still unknown if and when Visual search also comes to the Dutch iOS versions. In any case, we hope that the great function in the Netherlands will not be long in coming.

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