iOS 16.5.1 is out – here’s why you really need to install the update

Apple has released an important security update for your iPhone with iOS 16.5.1! This is why you should install the update right away.

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Apple launches iOS 16.5.1

Another new iOS update is available for your iPhone! It is an interim update, which mainly has to solve major security problems in iOS 16. iOS 16.5.1 fixes two issues. A security vulnerability has been found in both the Webkit and the kernel of iOS 16. It is therefore important to install the update as soon as possible.

The leak in the iOS 16 kernel gave apps access to run certain codes in the system without their permission. A similar problem occurred in Webkit. If you (unknowingly) load malware in iOS 16, a hacker can execute certain codes on your iPhone due to the leak in Webkit. In the worst case, your iPhone can be completely taken over.

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The two security vulnerabilities were now generally known, so it is wise to install the update as soon as possible. It is quite possible that hackers have already exploited the vulnerability in iOS 16. These problems will be solved in iOS 16.5.1, so that your iPhone is completely safe again.

Adapter issue fixed in the update

The interim update therefore mainly focuses on the security of your iPhone, but that is not all. iOS 16.5.1 fixes another issue where many users had problems with the Lightning to USB 3 adapter. Since iOS 16.5 this adapter no longer worked, but fortunately this is no longer the case in iOS 16.5.1.

Similar updates have also been released for the Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch. The problem with the adapter only affected the iPhone, but the security vulnerabilities can be found on other Apple devices. Therefore, check whether all your devices have been updated. An update has been released for all operating systems, including older OS versions such as iOS 15.

iOS 16

Soon iOS 16.6 will be released

Unfortunately, iOS 16.5.1 does not contain any new features, but it is still important to install for the security of your iPhone. In the background, Apple is working on iOS 16.6, which may bring a new feature to your phone. Are you curious what you can expect from that update? Read here what will change in iOS 16.6.

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The third test version of iOS 16.6 was released this week, which means we probably won’t have to wait long for the update. Apple released iOS 15.6 on July 21 last year, so we expect iOS 16.6 to be released around the same time. This is probably the last iOS 16 update before the arrival of iOS 17, but Apple can of course always launch interim updates.

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