International Women’s Day: these power women put you in the spotlight

Image: Nine IJff

Today is International Women’s Day, the moment to celebrate all women and, at Kek Mama, our fellow mothers in particular. Our #Mombracing ambassadors Shary-An, Nina Pierson and LavieSanne have a wonderful and heartfelt compliment for you. Always nice.

Everything is a phase

Sanne Akkerman: “Remember, you are doing well today. And if you really don’t like it for a while, remember: everything is a phase.”

Good enough

Nina Pierson: “Know that good enough really is good enough. Perfectionism is a utopia. Let showing your children your imperfect sides, you are doing so much better than just showing the perfect picture.”

You’re doing well

Shary-An Nivillac: “Tomorrow is just another day and then you can just start again. You’re doing well!”

87% of mothers in the Netherlands have to deal with mom shaming, according to research by Kek Mama. The editors found this so shocking that they started a campaign: Kek Mama launches mombracing, the counterpart of momshaming, and calls on all mothers to support each other instead of criticizing from now on.

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