Intensive cooperation between BAM and Fietsersbond extended

BAM Infra Nederland and the Fietsersbond have now been working together intensively for almost 10 years. It has been announced on the website of the Fietsersbond and BAM Infra that this valuable collaboration has been extended by three years. Read more about BAM, Fietsersbond and joining forces in this article.

What does BAM Infra Netherlands do?

BAM Infra has been building infrastructure in our country for more than 150 years, with the aim of making the Netherlands more beautiful. This is achieved by offering asphalt and roads, civil works and traffic techniques, among other things. The slogan “Your Safety is My Safety” is one of BAM’s safety rules. In addition, together with partners and clients, we are shaping the future in a sustainable way.

What is the Fietsersbond committed to?

The Fietsersbond has been promoting the interests of cyclists in places where it is needed for more than 40 years. The association for cyclists now has more than 32,000 members, almost 2,000 volunteers and 160 local chapters. In the past 40 years, the Fietsersbond has achieved the following successes:

  • Construction of more than 37,000 kilometers of asphalted and separate cycle paths;
  • Mopeds must ride on the roadway to guarantee safety on the cycle paths;
  • Introducing the Cycling Route Planner with more than 2 million visitors per year.

Cyclists at the forefront of the collaboration

During the collaboration, solutions are looked at to keep cities liveable, accessible and safe. Since the Netherlands has approximately 23.4 million bicycles for 17.5 million inhabitants, the cyclist should not be forgotten. The Fietsersbond and BAM are currently developing and realizing the so-called transfer locations, also known as mobility hubs. The (shared) bike, charging the bike, food and drink and picking up a package all come together in this hub. A great initiative where various types of mobility will come together.

Increase in popularity of electric bicycles

In the Netherlands, almost 1.3 billion kilometers are covered by electric bicycle. You get on an e-bike more easily and more often. In addition, your entire body benefits from it. Ideal if you want to cover long distances, if there are strong gusts of wind or if you like to get from point A to B faster. Due to the increasing popularity of e-bikes, it is necessary to adapt the infrastructure.

Do you want to purchase an electric bicycle, but are you not sure which one suits you best?

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