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Zoom is incredibly popular nowadays, but video calling is not a piece of cake for everyone. In our video of the week, we help novice Zoom users get started with useful tips.

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Zoom video: tips for beginning Zoom users

We will of course start with the basics: downloading and installing Zoom. As soon as your profile is like a house and colleagues or fellow students can recognize you, it is time to create a Zoom meeting or join someone else’s digital meeting. In the video below shows iPhonededitor Michel see how it works.

However, Zoom is much more than just video conferencing. For example, you can set a different background to make online meetings just a little more fun. When the situation is right, you can also use filters from other apps, such as Snapchat, in the video calling app. These animations are not professional, but a lot of fun.

Also great is that you can record Zoom Meetings. This option is ideal, for example, for students who can listen to their lectures later. Do you want to record an important meeting? Then you can also only save the sound.

Do you have any questions about Zoom? Leave a comment under the YouTube video or our website and who knows we or one of the other viewers will have the answer.

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