Instagram is said to be preparing a “Clubhouse function” and final encryption

The Clubhouse audio chat application, a major phenomenon of recent weeks, is currently being imitated by anyone. On its own variant almost all the big players work hard, including for example Twitter, and in the Play Store there is even an unofficial variant for Android, which comes from the Czech Republic. The official release of the android version is also approaching, but so far without a clear deadline. Will the Clubhouse developers make it before anyone else pulls out their own copy? It seems that he is now really standing in the crowd as well Instagram, in whose application it appeared a hint of a function reminiscent of a Clubhouse. Along with that, traces of the introduction of end-to-end encryption for chatting.

Instagram announced the arrival of Rooms or rooms for live video calls at the beginning of March. It’s exactly the same name space for audio transmissions and in the Clubhouse. So the inspiration is obvious. However, Instagram developers seem to want to resemble their work even more so.

Well-known reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi in the application discovered a new iconwhich will most likely lead to full audio communication. While now the author can invite three people to video conferencing rooms, with this feature it should perhaps be more. There is probably a feature going on that will create a genuine Clubhouse copy in the Instagram application.

Do you use Instagram? What for everything?

Zdroj: XDA

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