Instagram introduces a very useful feature for live broadcasts

Are you one of the creators who often does live broadcasts on Instagram? Or, on the contrary, do you like to watch them presented by the personalities or brands you are watching? One way or another, you should be pleased to hear that this social network is introducing live streaming scheduling. For creators, this means they can watch their followers in the new environment effectively prepare for the exact time it will start broadcasting. Followers will again have a new opportunity as such do not miss the transmission.

At this time, there is only a regular notification that someone has just started broadcasting. Yes, the author of the broadcast can lure his followers in advance in a different time, but the followers have to think about this time themselves and then start the broadcast manually. It will now be possible to schedule this event with several additional steps, including notification and sending a link. And it up to ninety days in advance.

The creator creates the name and time of the broadcast and the interested watchers confirm it by pressing the button. They will then fifteen minutes before the live broadcast. Instagram is also preparing Practice Mode, in which creators can run shots in advance to check. Facebook broadcasts now work in a similar way.

How often do you watch something live on Instagram?

Source: slashgear

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