Instagram (again) radically changes the system for sorting posts

If you understand social networks at least a little, you probably know that the vast majority of them rank views primarily on a preset algorithm. The takes into account a large number of aspects about whether you’ll see a cousin’s photo or a video of your favorite store around the corner next time, and the time of their publication doesn’t matter at all. And now good news for Instagram users and opponents of this system: The network, which began using the algorithm shortly after being bought by Facebook, will now be partially back on track after many years.

The head of this social network revealed that new options for displaying the post are being introduced. Except where the algorithm has power, the also returns a chronological order. This is after switching to the view, which will contain posts from the following (Following) or favorites (Favorites) of people and sites.

The default setting (Home) will remain the basic setting, however, finally (or again) there will also be access to time-lapse photos and videos. The novelty is currently being tested by groups of selected Instagram users, but it should be widely expanded this year.

How do you perceive algorithms on social networks?

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