Inspection intervenes at Chateau Meiland: Claire (3) is now less in the picture

“Our little Claire is more or less going out this season,” she says of her granddaughter. “The SWZ Inspectorate allows her to appear on TV only five times a year.”

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The Meiland family finds it very unfortunate and awkward. “Claire always just bumped along, but the inspection pretends she is hard at work. If we are now running and Claire is somewhere where we need to be, she has to get out of the picture: Come on girl, go here for a while. behind the iPad – which she doesn’t want at all. “

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The Meilandjes hope that something can change. “The producer is working with a lawyer to see if we can do something about it, because it is not workable. She will probably still be able to see the first three episodes, but then there were two ladies from the inspection…”

Image: Instagram @maximemeiland

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