Insider reveals what they mean

The price tags at Kaufland contain information that goes beyond the price. Now an insider has revealed what the actual internal codes stand for. The secret can even help customers make the right decision when shopping.

Kaufland: That’s what the secret codes mean

Anyone who has shopped at Kaufland has certainly seen them before: the price tags in the branches contain not only the price of the item but also additional information such as the price per kilogram or the note “From advertising”. However, there is one detail that most customers miss: The line on the barcode on the price tags has a meaningwhich can be useful for customers.

According to a Kaufland insider, a line under the barcode means that the item will remain in the range. A Dash through the barcode means on the other hand, that it is a promotional product that will not be sold afterwards – or a discontinued item that will be removed from the range.

Customers who know this little secret can therefore decide better whether they should buy a product or not. In fact, if the barcode is crossed out, it could be the last chance to get the product before it’s finally discontinued.

Kaufland itself has not officially confirmed the barcode information. They are based on statements made by someone who says he works at Kaufland (Source: Frankfurter Rundschau).

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Secret codes also on Amazon

Not only Kaufland relies on hidden information, codes are also used at Amazon. But this is less about the range itself and more about packages. Codes like A1, E36 or M4 show the size of the package, as Amazon has now confirmed itself.

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