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Influencers tried these hair products and are very enthusiastic

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Hairlust hair products are extremely popular, also among influencers. Read their tips below to take good care of your hair.

Marsha Alvarez

“Recently received this super nice package from Hairlust. During Kiara’s pregnancy my hair was really a bunch of straw. And it still was after childbirth. This sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner work together to gently cleanse the hair and dry, damaged and thinning strands with much-needed moisture and protein. By using these products you will get strong and long hair. Moreover, the products are made of natural ingredients and also smell great!”

Lieke de Brabander

“Busted! A moment for myself, so delicious. In the bath with a book and a glass of wine. My hair washed wonderfully and in a hair mask with a bamboo hair towel around it. Enjoy! After my pregnancies my hair could use a makeover (recognizable ?) So a big chunk went off (was the best choice) and I started using Hairlust shampoo and mask that help my hair repair. Mommy is back on track!”

Kelly Beukers

“Now that I have pink hair, it was the perfect time to share these gummies from Hairlust. Of course you don’t get pink hair from this, but it does grow longer and fuller. I often get the question: what is the secret of your full head of hair? At first I had to really struggle to get that much volume, but since I’ve been using these gummies for a few weeks, it seems to be getting easier. I love it!”

Tess Dewi

“I’ve always said it was postpartum when I lost my hair in bunches. Now when I look back at certain photos, I realize it was also a big part of stress. In some places I was just almost bald on my head Horrible to lose so much hair. I was sent the Hairlust products in a PR package, the packaging said “hair growth & repair”. If I could use something it was it. I had to get used to the product , it makes my hair a lot stiffer than I’m used to from other shampoos. But I’m a big fan now! My hair is starting to come back completely and looks a lot better. And not unimportant: that pink brightens up the bathroom so much fun!”


“I’ve been snacking on the tasty gummies from Hairlust for a few weeks now. I’ve had extensions for almost a year now and it seemed a good idea to support my own hair with vitamins, so that my own hair also stays strong. And I’m not dissapointed .”

Roby Dijkshoorn

“Two years ago I burned my hair with a flat iron. After that it didn’t grow very fast and I tried several things. Now my hairdresser told me that I had to wash and protect my hair with the right products. Hairlust is one of them : a shampoo and conditioner without sulphates. Most shampoos contain sulphates, which ensures that your hair becomes clean and grease free, but also lacks moisture. Unfortunately, dry hair is damaged quickly, resulting in split ends. is already a lot stronger since using sulphate-free shampoos! I was not familiar with Hairlust, but the whole bathroom smells like a tropical island. I’m done!”

Claudia Kooij

“It started in the menopause. My hair became thinner and thinner and it fell out enormously. Irritated scalp, limp and lifeless hair. It is drama. I recently started using the scalp treatment products from Hairlust. I scrub my scalp in the shower with a fine product and a special brush to stimulate my scalp. For a year now, because my hair has become so thin, I have had a few mats in my hair and I thought: then I can use this brush. It works perfectly fine. massaging effect of the brush and the fine products give my scalp a nice feeling. I will definitely continue to use these products. Really delicious. The leave in conditioner also feels great in my hair and I am very curious if my hair is now also a bit fuller become.”

Marlie Schippers

“I wear a hat every day. And that’s not because I have anything to hide with my hair. I have always been lucky with a full head and thick hair. Yet I have suffered from hair loss very much. The exact cause I couldn’t find it. Maybe stress, maybe just a phase? In addition, I’ve had fake eyelashes for years, these have recently come off. When I look in the mirror now, it’s bald and my eyelashes have really had to endure a lot. went to investigate and came across Hairlust. They not only have hair gummies, but also shampoo, conditioner, hair masks and even an eyelash serum.”


“During and after Acie Lou’s pregnancy I had a lot of hair loss. A few weeks ago I came into contact with Hairlust and I was very curious about their products. I started with the Hair Growth Gummies. Hopefully these supplements help against my hair loss during and after this pregnancy. I am very surprised about the taste of these Gummies. They are like candies, so easy to take and also tasty. I am also going to try the Hairlust hair products, I have heard many good stories about this In any case, the packaging and the smell are already a party!”

Erin Noelle

“I was allowed to test these for two months and I did. I was actually convinced that it would be a hype, but nothing could be further from the truth.”

Kimberly Kiki

“Hair Growth Formula Gummies from Hairlust. These curls could use a little something extra sometimes. I’m not the woman who can say that hair loss is due to pregnancy, luckily. Because for some this is really heavy. I have my periods, and I’m sitting now in a period where it falls out more than I would like. I have been using the gummies for a while now and I can say that it definitely helps. My forest is getting fuller again and that is the intention. Good care and products are a must. So, so important!”

Became curious? Take a look at the website.

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