Inexpensive e-car undercuts VW in price

The race for cheap e-cars is not just about the best price. It also comes down to who makes it onto the market first with an affordable model. Citroën now wants to overtake Volkswagen and easily beat the Wolfsburg schedule by a year.

Citroën wants to show VW: Cheap Stromer finished a year earlier

Citroën wants to launch the small car C3 as an electric car in Europe. This comes from a report from the news agency Reuters out. Accordingly, the French brand from the Stellantis Group is not planning a big hit in terms of technical innovations. That’s what he’s supposed to do e‑C3 with an attractive price score: Under 25,000 euros are considered set.

“Today there are nothing comparable on the market‘ announces Citroën boss Thierry Koskas. With the price, Citroën would be the first manufacturer to fall below the important limit – leaving the heavily slimmed down Dacia Spring aside. Because the electric Citroën is to be officially presented in October and early in the year 2024 on the market to be brought.

Both coincide with the French government’s plans for new subsidies for electric cars produced in Europe. It would therefore also be possible that Citroën exactly these Planning already includedin order to reach the attractive basic price much faster than the competition.

There is still no clear winner when comparing prices between e-cars and combustion engines:

With the start in 2024, Citroën would be faster than VW, but faster means not necessarily better. A look at the planned Range shows that Citroën’s e-C3 will obviously play in a completely different league than the ID.2: Around 300km the Frenchman should get far with a fully charged battery.

VW on the other hand, plans for his Volksstromer with around 450 km in the same price range. The presentation of the Wolfsburg is only planned for 2025. The market launch is likely to be well over a year behind that of the French.

Model from India: Citroën brings cheap Stromer home

However, the e‑C3 is not entirely new. The French brand already offers the compact car in India. The European version will also be built on this basis, according to Reuters.

The Indian e‑C3 has a range of 320 km according to the Indian standard and a 29.2 kW battery. In Europe is with one significantly larger battery to be expected in order to be able to cover the planned 300 km according to the WLTP standard.

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