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Indoors: 6x covered family outings | Kek Mama

Tour of the Netherlands

Can you smell a hint of tulip there? And do you feel the sea breeze in your hair? During the 5D Flight Experience of THIS IS HOLLAND you fly like a bird over all the highlights of the Dutch cities and nature. The special effects sometimes almost seem like you really have wings.

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On the long slats

Snow or no snow, you can also be the winter sports hero in our country this winter. On the best ski halls, snowboard schools, skating rinks and sledding hills are collected per region. Of course there is the hot chocolate and mulled wine ready to warm up afterwards.

Back in time

Do you dare to pet a dino? At the Prehistoric Museum in Boxtel you can spot whole wild animals. Sneak into the forest and discover which life-size dinosaurs are hiding there. For children there is a fun scavenger hunt where you learn all about these ancient giants.

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This special safari in Natuurmuseum Fryslân takes you through the Dutch waters. From the ditch around the corner to the Wadden Sea. Along the way you will encounter the different animals. You may see an otter, seal or porpoise. Recommended: also visit the GIF exhibition about all poisonous animals in nature.

Everything is an instrument

During the SoundLAB workshops at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, children transform everyday objects into instruments, of course with a piece of music to present to the parents. Also take a look at the agenda for all activities for the youth.

With a limitation

On you will find the best outings, also for children with a disability. These are three of our favorite tips.

  1. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is open to all children. There are guided tours in sign language, tours especially for blind or partially sighted people and quiet moments for stimuli-sensitive children.
  2. Step into an Amsterdam time machine to the Second World War. Since October, the Resistance Museum Junior has been offering fun audio and video tours for hearing and visually impaired children.
  3. The exhibitions and children’s exhibition in the Maritime Museum Rotterdam are all accessible to visitors with a physical or sensory disability. selected this fine list of outings especially for Kek Mama. is the inspiration site for outings with children in the Netherlands, in all corners of the world, for all ages and throughout the year. The site is conveniently divided by region, so you can easily discover which fun children’s activities are nearby.

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