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In this way you as a mother get more control over your agenda

That is why Florine brings Duif to supplement her book Mother Enough a journal from: it Mother Enough Journal. Here you can read exactly how to get more balance in your role as a mother, partner, colleague and of course yourself. For Kek Mama she already shares a few useful tips:

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1. Journals

“By keeping a journal, you get a grip on your actions. Your way of acting and acting. Did you know that we have 70,000 thoughts of which 90 percent of the thoughts are continuously repeating? To break a pattern I advise you to look. to: “Hey what am I actually thinking?”, for example when you get up. Or: “How do I actually act?”, if something has been said by someone who touches you. It is very easy to get stuck in habitual behavior , but to break through patterns, gaining insight is a nice tool. It is also useful, because you can surrender behavior to your children. That is nice for desirable behavior, but less for less desirable behavior. In the Mother Enough Journal you get daily exercises, tips, general exercises and your own experience that will hopefully help you to create more insights. “

2. Set priorities

“It is nice if you are honest with yourself. What is important to you, out of love for your family? What are your core values ​​(in Mother Enough you can read how to formulate your core values). or small scale. Think of themes such as relationships and friendships, but also of ‘bedtime ritual’ and ‘shopping’. Two prio’s a day is actually enough. What has helped me recently is really making a weekly schedule in which you can Think of turning off your phone at 8 p.m. Or: reading a book with your kids. For example, I would have run twice a week in my non-negotiables. And sometimes you don’t feel like it. Then Is it cold outside? Dark. Are you having your period. Or are there other reasons. But these reasons are there to let you stick to the old familiar. Something wrong with that? Not at all. You do create more (breathing) space and focus if you keep getting out of your comfort zone. “

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3. Meditate

“At this time we are inundated with stimuli. Is it not from the (social) media or because as a mother you actually always have that invisible connection with your child. You are always on. Usually when I tell clients that meditation is a good tool is to create more peace, then an image emerges of the person who thinks about ‘nothing’ for hours with her eyes closed. In my opinion, meditation is a great tool to get a better grip on your agenda: meditation starts with observing your thoughts and actually putting down what is going on in your life at the moment. Then you can start noticing what is holding you back or what makes you very happy. In the Mother Enough Journal you will also find a clear meditation exercise. “

Order the Mother Enough Journal here. Will you let us know when you have started journaling? I’m curious. Send me a message @florinediff.

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