In these 10 countries, people have the most vacation days

Vacation time is one of the best times of the year for employees. But not everywhere in the world do people have the same statutory holiday entitlement. In our ranking, we show you the ten countries in which the most vacation days are currently available.

Finally holidays! For many employees, this sentence is one of the nicest of their everyday work. However, people do not have the same holiday entitlement in all countries. In Latin American countries in particular, for example, employees have to make do with very few days off.

In some American countries, there is even no entitlement to paid vacation. The platform summary has analyzed the statutory vacation days in 197 countries and identified the ten states that currently allow the most vacation days.

In these ten countries, people have the most vacation days

The United States of America is currently at the bottom. Because there is no legal entitlement to paid vacation. Only a few companies grant their employees a few days off after they have been with the company for a longer period of time.

In other countries the situation is different. In our ranking, we therefore show you in which nations people have the most vacation days.

10th place: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan ranks tenth among the countries with the most vacation days. The number of paid vacation days is there 42.

10th place: Azerbaijan. (unsplash.com / Lloyd Alozie)

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