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‘In the summer we hold half sex marathons with the caravan door locked’

Ah, summer. When the temperature rises, the afternoon naps are used well and the caravan door has a lock.

Sabine (34), lives together, mother of Thorre (7) and Kirsten (6):

“Sometimes weeks go by when my friend Lars and I give each other at most a good night kiss. Both too tired to point a finger at each other, let alone to have sex. Still, if you add up the lovemaking of a whole year, we get a neat average. Our sex life actually depends on our vacations.

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catching up

The whole summer we are at a campsite in the Netherlands with the entire family. With grandma, aunts and uncles and many nieces and nephews we have enough babysitters available. Lars and I hardly see the children, they even have their own tents.

“We are completely happy because of all that attention for each other”

For Lars and me, it feels like we’re just dating again. We sleep in extra long and leave on time for our caravan, where we can have half sex marathons with the door locked. We will make up for the missed night’s sleep later on on a stretcher; because of all that attention for each other, we are completely happy.”

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