In high-speed train: woman gives birth in high-speed train

It could happen to you: you’re sitting comfortably in the train and suddenly get contractions. It happened in Italy. A baby was born on the high-speed train from Rome to Turin this morning. Apparently little Anna was in a great hurry.

It happened to an Italian woman this morning. She was heavily pregnant with her second child, but not yet 37 weeks. The little girl couldn’t wait any longer and was born prematurely at lightning speed.

Helpful fellow passengers

When the chief conductor heard that the Italian woman was in labor, the train was directed to the nearest station. Fortunately, a fellow traveler worked in a hospital and did not hesitate for a moment. She called her colleague obstetrician, who happened to be off that day. At first the midwife thought she was joking.

It soon turned out that it was deadly serious, so she supported the special delivery via the video call. Even clean sheets were handed out by an 86-year-old woman, in the absence of towels. She opened her suitcase and didn’t hesitate for a moment.

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Most unusual train ride

The chief conductor told The Mirror about his special day at work. “It was a very special and, of course, unprecedented day of work. Everything went smoothly. I have been working for Trenitalia since 1995 and I think this will remain the most adrenaline-filled and most beautiful day of my professional career.”

But half an hour late

Baby Anna came into the world after 40 minutes and was welcomed loudly by cheering passengers. Mother and child were then taken to hospital and the train was able to continue its journey. Other passengers were delayed by only half an hour.

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