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In France, Apple sulks Black Friday

It is probably not today thatApple fail in its reputation for stinginess, especially in France ! The firm of Cupertino has in fact quite simply “skipped” the big promo period, a completely unusual oversight which forces you to turn to other merchant sites if you want to do good business. The other countries are entitled to measured offers (the most recent products are not concerned), but not France therefore.

Apple is sulking France during Black Friday 2020, but why?

The Californian does not give the reasons for this impasse, but there is very little chance that the decision was not carefully considered. Apple is sulking France, but for what reasons? We are awaiting your comments for hypotheses and possible answers;)

Finally, remember that fortunately, other merchant sites offer great promotions. We tell you about it elsewhere here, or there, and still there.

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