“In exchange for a big smile on the photo, my children can choose one thing”

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You won’t win prizes for the best motherhood ever, but sometimes it’s damn useful to bribe your child.

Roxanne (34), mother of Divinho (11) and Giannino (3):

“Ever since Divinho was born, I’ve been making state portraits every birthday and at Christmas. From the birthday person himself, with our parents, with family, with his (little) brother, actually with everyone who comes to visit or in Christmas card style. Often in a certain theme like Peppa Pig, complete with balloons and matching clothes or in identical pajamas or Christmas sweaters. I’m turning it into a kind of yearbook, for later.

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Now that he’s getting older, Divinho doesn’t like posing to say the least. He stands up, but with a surly or dissatisfied face. To prevent my photos from being ruined, I devised a bribery mechanism. In exchange for a big smile, both children can choose one thing they like. An outing, toys, screen time, it doesn’t matter. But then I don’t want to hear any nagging for the rest of the day that they have to be photographed.

“And then I don’t want to hear any nagging for the rest of the day that they have to be photographed”

Divinho often chooses V-Bucks for Fortnite. Giannino prefers ice cream, something from the toy store or the playground. As a three-year-old he does not yet understand the concept, but he will of course also be rewarded. The effect is mega.”

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