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In 2023 there will be expensive surcharges

It’s getting more expensive at o2: Telefónica boss Markus Haas wants to raise the prices for mobile phone tariffs sharply. The price increase will also affect other Telefónica brands. However, Vodafone and Telekom customers will not be spared for long.

o2 boss: Prices will rise in spring 2023

Inflation is arriving on the German mobile communications market: Telefónica boss Markus Haas wants it Prices for mobile phone offers still significantly more expensive in spring 2023 do. We’re talking about Surcharges of up to 10 percent. For customers of o2 there should be an expensive awakening from the winter in a few weeks.

The price premium is not just limited to the o2 brand. Also with the popular discount brand Blue, at Ay Yildiz and ortel Telefónica informs that prices will soon rise as a result. Lebara is not affected by this. The company wants to communicate separately how the individual partner brands are doing. According to Haas, the reason for this is the rising costs, for example for network expansion or for electricity. The manager explains: “In contrast to the past, more performance at the same price is no longer possible” (source: Handelsblatt).

Haas doesn’t just want to introduce “flat markups”. Instead, inclusive offers should be improved. A first step is this all o2 tariffs automatically to the more powerful and faster 5G network are to be upgraded. However, this only helps customers who have a 5G-capable smartphone. If not, it just gets more expensive. For Haas, however, that’s no big deal.

The price increases are initially only planned for new customers anyway. If you are already an o2 customer, you already have one by law in the event of unilateral price adjustments special right of termination. Without an announcement, no one can be surprised by rising prices.

Even if the prices are not currently being raised, it is worth canceling cell phone contracts:

Telekom and Vodafone: Price increases only a matter of time

The step by Telefónica boss Haas is a bad sign in another respect, because o2 and the other brands of the company should not be left alone. Industry insiders expect that also at Vodafone and Telekom or their mobile phone brands price increases pending.

According to a Telekom spokesman, the German industry leader has security against high electricity prices with long-term contracts until 2024, according to the Handelsblatt. But the situation is the same for all providers: long-term stable prices for customers meet high costs for companies. Neither Telekom nor Vodafone have officially confirmed plans to the business newspaper, but the signs point to one thing: they are coming for consumers Expensive times for mobile communications yet.

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