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Immortals Fenyx Rising Competition »Vortex

The game Immortals Fenyx Rising from Ubisoft became a very pleasant surprise for us, even though it was not 100% original. Now you can see for yourself its qualities. So if you answer correctly in our competition, you will be lucky and win. You can find help, for example, in our recent review.

Competition issues

1) Name at least one character who appears in the game as a storyteller?
2) What myths and myths were inspired by the game’s developers?
3) Who is your main enemy and threat in the story?

Send the correct answers to the address, enter the password “Immortals” in the subject and add the postal address to which we can have any winnings sent to you. Also, be sure to indicate which of the available platforms you prefer. You can send answers until Friday, December 18 at 12 noon. From the answers received, we then draw the winners, publish the results and contact the winners.

What you can win

1st place: game on any platform + sweater
2nd place: game on any platform + sweater
3rd place: play on any platform

And to top it off, this isn’t the only Immortals Fenyx Rising competition we’re up to. In the live stream this week we will play about a pair of themed Joy-Cones and a dock, which will perfectly match the Switch. Of course, we will stream the version for Switch, which is worth noting because, unlike Assassin or Watch Dogs, Immortals offers it.

The prizes were donated to the competition by Playman.

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