IKEA Vindstyrka is a new smart device that monitors the air

The Swedish department store IKEA has announced a new smart gadget. With the Vindstyrka you can monitor the air in your home. The device is equipped with a screen, but can also be tracked via an app.

IKEA Vindstyrka

IKEA has already released numerous smart products in recent years. Think, for example, of the smart roller blinds. However, the range of smart devices is being expanded with even more products. Consumers will soon be able to monitor the quality of the air in their homes with the new IKEA Vindstyrka. This is provided with a screen, but can also be followed via the company’s app.

Vindstyrka gives you insight into the air quality, for example whether there is a lot of particulate matter (PM) in the air. This screen also shows the current temperature and humidity. Three colors also show how good the air quality is, so that you can act accordingly. The Vindstyrka will be in stores from April with a competitive price of 39.99 euros. A decent price, because with the competition you usually quickly pay a higher amount for a comparable product.

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