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“If they are not allowed to do something, then my son will do it”

You had planned it this way: no sugar, hardly any screen time and of course everyone would sleep in their own bed. Until the practice turned out to be a bit more unruly.

Wendy (42): “Our kids Sid (8) and Lola (5) bounce all day long. Staying at the table while eating is almost impossible. Sid’s record is five minutes, then he has to run two laps around the table and do three pushups. Then he eats two bites again. We allow that, but we get a lot of comments about it. When we’re in a restaurant, we often sit in shamefaced eyes, lurking around for more depraved parents, so we can say, ‘Look, those kids are even worse.’”

Colorful stuff

Eefke (31): “My husband is strict, I am rather easy and not so consistent. My kids don’t always have to do their chores, like make their bed. I have no patience and then do it for them. In addition, my son Jordan (9) has an early childhood trauma, raising him works differently. Punishment, for example, makes no sense at all.

Sometimes he just makes it very colorful, especially when he gives me a big mouth. I allow it anyway, even if it is far outside my own comfort zone. When I tell my daughters not to do something because it’s dangerous, they understand. Jordan will do just that. It’s actually a miracle that I don’t have heart problems yet.”

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Mike (45): “My eldest (19) is a portrait. At the age of thirteen, he already went by train to Utrecht for Fris parties. At the age of fourteen he left for Canada for art education. And those tattoos, I didn’t know about that. I accidentally found that out. It’s now under, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

“He does everything I never dared, but that I secretly dreamed of”

The only really off-limits area for me was piercings. Did he send an email to the piercing store: ‘What does it take to get a piercing without my parents’ permission?’ You understand, he now has a piercing in his nose. He is a free soul, a bird of paradise. I think that’s insane. That’s where it goes wrong, with that spine. He does everything that I never dared, but that I secretly dreamed of.”

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