‘I will never confess to a friend that I like SM’

Tina (26), postman, lives with Dornan and has a 5-year-old son and a 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

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“There are posters of it on the wall Fifty Shades of Gray and I wear small handcuff earrings, but other than that you can’t tell that we love SM. Seven years ago we entered a sex shop for the first time. We started with simple handcuffs and feathers, now we have an arsenal of erotic torture devices. I am a sub – a submissive. During the day I am the hub of the family: I take care of the children, do the housework and help Dornan with the administration of his work.

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The taboo on SM is big

In the evening I love it when he takes over. We play our game about four to five times a week, when the kids are fast asleep or staying with grandma. Dornan ties me up or blindfolds me, then he gives me orders. That could be anything: walking on all fours, orally satisfying him, playing with myself. If I do something wrong, he punishes me with an ice-cold shower with a mouth ball so that I cannot scream. Or he forbids me to cum and sprinkles dripping candle wax over me. I find that very exciting.

Even though half of the Netherlands has been to the Fifty Shades films, the taboo on SM is big. I will never confess to a friend that I enjoy being blindfolded and chained or whipped. We live in a religious village, they would be head over heels.

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